When customers talk about us

We’re very happy that we chose Silva Construction to build our custom home. The choice was simple and easy, because they are one of the few contractors in the region that can make custom constructions in an affordable and professional way. The team offered us exceptional service throughout the project and made sure that we were satisfied with every little detail of the construction. They met all our requests, no matter how complex. As an architectural technologist, my ideas were sometimes advanced, but Silva Construction still successfully achieved them. In short, we’re very satisfied and happy with the final result. If we ever have to build a new custom home, Silva Construction would be our first choice.

Andrew Alajouri

Our story with Silva Construction


It was two years after we bought a piece of land in the Outaouais region that our great project to build our dream home took shape. Not living in the region, we did not know any local contractors. We had our own plans in hand and we had to find THE contractor that could carry out this magnificent project! This was our third home therefore we knew exactly what we wanted. Since it was impossible for us to be on site during the construction, a reliable, honest and trustworthy contractor was essential.


It was through research that we found Silva Construction and shortly afterwards , we met. Accessible, compassionate, welcoming and above all attentive to our needs, Alexandre Silva immediately charmed us with his liveliness and professionalism. Proud of the company’s achievements and concerned about the smallest details, Alexandre was eager to show us some of his most recent accomplishments, including his own house. At that precise moment, we knew that he would be the contractor we wanted to live this great adventure with! At no time during the 4 months of construction, we were disappointed or stressed by anything. Alexandre took care of all the details and made sure to keep us informed as the construction went along ; clearing, excavation, blasting, foundation, construction of the house and finishing. He made sure to surround himself with the best teams possible in the region. Same thing for the artesian well and the septic installations. As for the land development, Silva Construction and their team were able to use the difference in elevation of the land in order to maximize the open space without clearing too much land. We were delighted with the result!


Every day, Alexandre was happy to share the project’s progress with us, often through photos and text messages. As for our budget, it was always respected.


Thank you Alexandre Silva for having built our corner of paradise!

Nancy & Jason Hodkin

I’ve done business with Silva Construction on several occasions, and each time, my experience was perfect.

Their team is professional, respectful, and attentive to their clients.

I trust Silva Construction, and if the opportunity presented itself again, I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them!

Karim Kamar

WOW !!!!!! What an exceptional and turnkey service! We did our house extension with a foundation extension and a covered outdoor terrace, in addition to the kitchen, installation of a fireplace and a bathroom. Complex project but the professional service offered and everything done on time surprised me. Now we have a relaxing environment that looks like a mix between the modern and a cottage, all with the help of Silva Construction!

José Pacheco & Sonya-Kim St-Julien

Building a new house takes a lot of planning and time. We enjoyed our experience with Silva Construction, together we carefully planned every detail of our dream home!

Thank you!

Nancy & Alexandre

We bought in 2013 with Silva Construction.  It was our first buying experience with them.  Since then, we still live here and we have appreciated the courteous service we have received. Finally, we are satisfied with the quality of the construction of our family home.

Noureddine Eddassi

Very satisfied with my experience with Silva Construction. Excellent service before and after sale. Superior construction quality with high quality materials. I highly recommend them!

Stephanie Deschênes

We are very happy to have bought a house from Silva Construction. The quality of the materials, finishes and interior design are excellent. The house was well designed and when we received the keys in hand, we never had any major problems. The Silva Construction team guarantees their product from start to finish… and even after! A professional, passionate and attentive team.


Chris Soueidan