Family strength

The combined experiences of the owners and their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship make Silva Construction a company that has quickly and certainly undergone a great expansion by offering prestigious, quality residential projects as well as rental projects in different sectors of the greater Outaouais region.

In the footsteps of their late father, Manuel Silva, who was a general contractor specializing in foundations and concrete in Outaouais, they achieve their dream projects every day and are fueled by creation and innovation!

“Choosing a Silva Construction property means choosing construction of unparalleled quality and benefiting from the advice of a professional, competent team throughout the construction process.”

Alexandre Silva

CEO and Associate

A young, dedicated contractor, Alexandre quickly went into business like his parents, brother, and sister. From a young age, he chose to work as a general contractor in the construction industry. He grew up in this field, since his late father was one of the founders of Silva & St-Pierre and Béton Amix, in addition to being the sole founder of Fondations Manuel Silva—all highly respected companies in the construction field in Outaouais.

Alexandre has always sought to push the boundaries of excellence. He manages the company’s operations and makes sure to find the best possible trades for the company’s building projects. Alexandre already has several excellent construction and residential renovation projects under his belt. He is certainly a trusted contractor who has proven himself in a short time.

Alexandre is also co-owner of Silva Camara Béton et foundations as well as S.O.S. Fissures Outaouais.

Karine Silva

Vice-President and Associate

In her career, Karine first leveraged her university education in communication, her professional coaching studies, and her strengths in project management and planning. In addition, her career path over the past twenty years has allowed her to develop great affinities for business, management, and development. This passion for business and the environment in which she grew up—that of construction—brought her back to the source and to what really vibrates within her. She agreed with honour to partner with one of her brothers, Alexandre Silva, to bring major construction projects to life.

An outstanding manager with a personality that is at once imaginative and rigorous, Karine oversees business development and project creation at Silva Construction. Among other things, her methodical approach makes it possible for Silva Construction to offer high-quality products and services at some of the most competitive prices on the market.

In 2019, she became the first woman in history to sit on the board of directors of the APCHQ, the Association provinciale des constructeurs d’habitations du Québec, for Outaouais and the Northwest. To encourage women to enter the world of construction, Karine Silva also became a member of the “Elles of Construction,” a provincial network that advocates for the advancement of women in this environment.

A team
to bring your
dream to life!

Your construction projects are managed by an entire team of professionals and an experienced management team, as well as seasoned and meticulous partners and subcontractors. These are all construction professionals who share the same values as us with regard to the careful rendering of our contracts. Thanks to the expertise of our dedicated team, Silva Construction creates superior-quality homes.